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Rostlinné mléko už je k dostání skoro v každé kavárně.



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Nabídka zeleninových pomazánek je už samozřejmostí ve všech obchodech.



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Mám ve svém okolí alespoň jednoho člověka, který dává přednost rostlinné kuchyni.



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Počet lidí s intolerancí nebo dokonce alergií na laktózu narůstá a ti jistě ocení nabídku rostlinných produktů jako alternativu.



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Znám restauraci, kde podávají skvělé rostlinné jídlo.



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Jáhly, červená čočka, chřest nebo ovesné vločky? Rostlinná kuchyně znamená tisíce možností!

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Plant-Powered Perspectives 2021 Green line

Calendar icon 4. 10. 2021, Prague
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About the Conference Green line

Plant-Powered Perspectives. Pioneering conference focused on the business sector that follows, reflects and moves the plant-based trend in the Czech Republic.

The food industry has been changing right in front of our eyes. Producers, restaurants and supermarkets are discovering the huge potential that plant-based cuisine can bring to their business. Flexitarianism, plant-based protein, meat alternatives are terms which have been used extensively by the media when commenting on the food industry in recent years.

Are you sufficiently prepared for the new wave? We will provide answers and inspiration at the Plant Powered Perspectives Conference! You will have the opportunity to meet leading plant-based food experts and be inspired to expand your business and include innovative products within your range.

Welcome to the second edition of the Plant-Powered Perspectives conference. This year we’ll meet online like we did in 2020.


Who is
the event for?
Green line

representatives of the FMCG, HoReCa and retail markets
food producers
representatives of the meat industry looking for different alternatives
food and food technology start-ups
food industry investors and innovators
institutions wishing to keep up with current trends
anyone keen on following current trends

The conference will be translated simultaneously (CZ / EN).

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Plant-Powered MashUp Green line

During the conference, Plant-Powered MashUp will provide an opportunity to present your own ideas for a plant-based project in front of a panel of professionals and an audience composed of representatives of leading plant-based food brands.

It is not important to us what stage you are at, it can be a fully launched start-up or just the initial idea.

Five of the submitted projects will be selected to go through to the second round. This will take place online during the Plant-Powered Perspectives conference. This year’s panel members are an investor Martin Rozhoň, director of the Olomouckého Globusu Andrea Dvořáková, founder of Green Heads Tomáš Kofroň and Vladimír Víšek, sustainable business and development expert and co-founder of No Greenwashing.

The overall winner will receive an individual consultation with the panel members, financial support of 10 000 CZK support, annual promotion on the social networks of Rostlinně and ProVeg Czechia (with a total of 57k+ followers) and V-label certification for free for a year.

Attention - by applying, you will automatically receive an invite for an online consultation with our partners EIT Food a Impact Hub. Connect with the leading experts on innovation, startup community and financing projects. The consultation will take place on September 15th at 17:00.

Projects selected for the second round:
Kukuk papa, Mona z pole - ready to eat meals in a jar, Plant CS - association of Czech and Slovak local plant-based producers, Veganbox, Vegangrill

PROGRAM Green line

Download the full conference agenda here – in English / česky
Need a hand with ZOOM? Or advice how to set up interpreting? Have a look at our conference manual. You can download it here – in English / v češtině.

Josh Tetrick is CEO & Co-Founder of Eat Just, Inc., a food technology company with a mission to build a healthier, safer and more sustainable food system in our lifetimes. Eat Just created America’s fastest-growing egg brand, which is made entirely of plants, and the world’s first-to-market meat made from animal cells instead of slaughtered livestock.

Josh Tetrick

Having worked in market research for 19+ years, Andrea specializes mostly in fast-moving consumer goods and retail chains (groceries, drug stores, fast food stores…). She worked in leading agencies such as Nielsen, Ipsos and Kantar and in companies such as Unilever and Zuno-Raiffeisen. She heads the Consumer Research Department in the Czech and Slovak Republics in InsightLab and is a member of the board of POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International)/Shop! Global and the Franchise Club.

Andrea Vozníková

Nuno Alvim is the board director of the Portuguese Vegetarian Association. He has a master degree in Law and Criminology. He has been engaged in active lobbying and campaigning for promoting the right to plant-based meals in public facilities. His petitioning work has resulted in the approval of ground-breaking legislation for the provision of strict vegetarian food in public canteens.

Nuno Alvim

He held different marketing and commercial positions in Nestlé for almost 13 years. For the past 5 years he’s been focused on trends in nutrition and food: plant-based, bio and international flavors fusing with local cuisines. Since July 2021 he is responsible for the development of plant-based food categories in Central and Eastern Europe under the Garden Gourmet brand. He believes that thanks to the rising awareness about the benefits of a plant-based diet, we’re currently going through the biggest revolution in food in the past 50 years and it feels great to be a part of it.

Zbyněk Haindl

Marián Jánoš was appointed a managing director of Danone for Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary in 2017. He held managing, marketing and commercial positions in companies Mars and Wringley. He graduated from University of economics in Bratislava and holds a MBA degree from University of New York in Prague.

Marián Jánoš

Michal has been a brand marketer for the last 8 years. Leaving the motion pictures industry two years ago to join his love brand. At Starbucks his focus is on a wide variety of offer, to fit every customer's need and taste. To vegans as well.

Michal Holotík

Being in the foodservice industry for over 20 years, Jakub has spent 15 years in different positions in IKEA Food. Currently he is promoting and raising awareness of IKEA’s plant-based food strategy on the Czech, Slovak and Hungarian market.

Jakub Slavík

Břetislav has been with Dáme jídlo for four years and currently he’s the head of marketing and business intelligence. He is able to connect the world of data, marketing and creativity, which is crucial in the field of quick commerce and fast delivery within a few minutes. For 11 years, he’s been teaching advertising strategy and data analytics courses at the University of economics and management. Together with his friends, he heads a Czech designer sports brand SYN v pohybu.

Břetislav Stromko

Nikoleta Kováčová alias Surová dcérka (Raw Daughter) is a long-time blogger and Youtuber, mostly focusing on ethical veganism, plant-based recipes and cosmetics not tested on animals. She published a very popular cook- book titled “Slovegan“ and in 2020 came out the second volume of her work.

Nikoleta Kováčová

A panel discussion presenter and a consultant to the Rostlinně project, Libor focuses mainly on the campaign aimed at restaurants. He also works as a fitness trainer and lecturer, helping people to fall in love with sports and veganism.

Libor Pozníček

A founder and former manager of “VIVANTIS”, an international e-shop with a turnover of 1 billion CZK, currently involved in supporting and investing in startups like uLekare,, Machavert, Econea, Scuk, Snuggs, VRGineers, Disivo, SatisMeter, Retino, Recruitis, Fabini, StartupYard and Mall Group, …

Martin Rozhoň

Co-owner of a wholesale company Green Heads. FMCG and Business development manager in the food industry with 10-year experience, specialising in start-ups and international trade.

Tomáš Kofroň

Vladimír has been involved in the field of sustainability for over 12 years. For 6 years he was responsible for the sustainability agenda at IKEA CZ/SK/HU. For two years, he worked in Mälmo on the global agenda in the field of circular economy. Since January 2021 he’s been working at Impact Hub, where he focuses on the strategic development of companies in the field of sustainability. He is on the board of the “Save food” association and lectures at the University of economics in Prague within their Academy of sustainability management.

Vladimír Víšek

Mgr. Alexandra Košťálová graduated from Masaryk University - Human nutrition. She works in the Czech Gastronomic Institute and the National Institute of Public Health. She is a co-author of a project “We’ve got it on our plate and we care”, which aims at paving the way to rebuild the system of school catering. She lectures on topics for both professionals and the general public. She is an author of a wide range of publications.

Alexandra Košťálová

Eliška Selinger is a doctor working in the field of preventative medicine and public health. As a university lecturer she’s responsible for teaching methodology of medical research and teaches optional courses dedicated to health and prevention of vegetarians and vegans. She focuses on nutrition in public health including nutrition education as well as the issues of nutrition in the public school system in general.

Eliška Selinger

Paul is Australian but has a young Czech family, so he is based in Prague. Paul has been drinking coffee for a living across two hemispheres since 2007. In that time he started his own wholesale business focusing on alternative milks, he has worked for startups, corporates like Lactalis and Tchibo but feels much more at home in an anti-corporate environment at Minor figures.

Paul Helmers

Andrea has been in retail for over 20 year and has experience placing many products on the market for direct sales. Currently she is the director of the hypermarket Globus in Olomouc. Apart from management, Andrea is also responsible for communication with local producers and partners. Based on her initiative, Globus introduced “Healthy bistro” that offers a daily selection of plant-based meals.

Andrea Dvořáková

For the past five years, Lenka has been leading the development and cultivation of the business environment in Czechia through acceleration programs. These are intended for all kinds of projects no matter what stage they are in, whether they are just an idea or have an ambition to scale up already, non-profit or commercial.

Lenka Krákorová

Jan’s role in the ProVeg Czechia team is communication with the current and new business partners who want to carry the V-label on their products. He helps Czech producers with innovation and new product development, as well as startups entering the market.

Jan Vanžura

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